Launch Your

Virtual tax business

in 60 days

“get ready to create an additional stream of income”

If you're Ready to Create a Massive Changes in your TAX Business then

consider this as a sign you've been waiting for.

You’re a passionate & success-driven Tax entrepreneur who KNOWS there is money in the tax industry. You’ve seen it and you’ve tasted it..

You know that you’re Ready to Claim Your Seat At The BIG Table.

And the only thing that is holding you back?

You don’t have the proper systems and processes in place to help you scale your tax business.

You’re stuck wearing all the hats in your business and you wish you had dedicated team.

Or…You have a system in place but your clients aren’t resonating. They don’t SEE you.

So now you are in a place where you resent your business and you’re ready to give up. 

but, hey hey hey

We’ve been where you are and came out on the other side. We can help turn your vision into reality. Are you Ready to Rise?

Hi! We are Moses and LaShaun

We help ambitious, motivated, and self-driven individuals just like you to build and scale profitable tax businesses.

Our goal is to help you create your tax business with the end goal in mind: turning a profit by selling and living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Your business is an investment, and we give you the tools and teach you how to grow it into something thriving.

A support and help we don’t have when we were starting out.

It was like being out in the middle of a vast ocean, with no paddle. Overwhelmed, and not sure where exactly to turn, we reached out to a franchise. The franchise gave us basic support while collecting a big chunk of our money.

And they didn’t show us what we truly needed. How to build our own business. They only showed us how we could build and promote their brand.

We were tired of giving our time, money and energy to make other people rich.

So we set out to get all the knowledge we could. We hired business coaches, joined mastermind programs, and networked with extremely successful business owners. Once we learned the secrets that helped us build our tax firm to 6-figures with ease, we wanted to help other taxpreneurs do the same. What good was earning our very own paddles if we couldn’t help other taxpreneurs who were also lost in the taxpreneurial ocean?

And that is how RISE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS was born. As we RISE we help other tax business owners rise as well.

Our Ultimate-Goal is to be the go-to person for all Aspiring Taxpreneurs when it comes to helping them Build, Scale and Sell profitable Tax Businesses. 

Imagine us guiding you as you go through your journey in

Launching your Tax Business in 60 days

Bringing Clarity

You don’t know what you don’t know. We walk you through the step by step process of setting up your tax business in 60 days.

Tools and Resources

We share the Must-Have tools you need to make your tax business a success. Without buying into a franchise.

Marketing and Automations

You will learn best practices to market your virtual tax business to the public. Learn to Earn with this One-of-a-Kind Course. 

And it doesn't end there..We're not like other coaches who’s gonna leave you hanging after the launch. We’ll be there to celebrate with you during the launch and we will still be there to watch out for stuff that needs our support.

Love Notes from My Amazing Clients

Great detailed overview of all things taxes. I liked the PDFs too that I can refer back to during the tax season. the support and mentorship is welcomed also..
Tonya Alvarez
I just finished college and was looking for a good hobby that could bring in regular income. I wasn’t interested in joining an MLM but heard a lot about the tax business and wanted to learn more about taxes without having to work for a company. This course fit the bill perfectly. The course was easy to follow and gave me the confidence to start my own tax business.
Jeanill Prewitt
Best Resource for Tax Beginners More satisfied than I thought. Well done.
Innocent Zamkulu
Hello! I am intrigued with the information that I read and the videos I watched so far, it is detailed and informative.
Suzette Lloyd
The course materials were high quality and easy to follow. I love it because I don’t have to rush and finish it. I can access it anytime.
Grace Jackson
Very Informative This course was very clear and concise.
Tasha Smith
…I’m a busy mom with so much on my schedule. I appreciated how I was able to take the course in the comfort of my home and in my own time and environment...
Chantelle Nelson
I’m a business owner managing multiple successful businesses. I liked this course because there was no pressure or deadlines to complete. I plan to go over it closer to the tax season so I can add another skill to my portfolio. I would definitely recommend for beginners.
Mickele Bruckman

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Launch Your

Virtual tax business

in 60 days

“get ready to create an additional stream of income”